Woo hoo it's a monkey head
What the hell is ever updated on this stinking page????

Yes, there have been updates... here's the list for specifically your enjoyment:

12.19.06 - Dodgeball page has been started, under Adventures of course.

12.18.06 - last night, J removed his beard hairs. I recorded the a gradual ceremony so we can present the Many-Haired Faces of J. I also added a link on the About Us page to our FLICKR page for your stalking pleasure.

10.21.06 - After much fist shaking, I've moved the whole Blatherins section to regular blog until I install something on the PMD server that filters spam. Because the spam has driven me crazy since day 1. Well, crazIER. Also working on adding a section for Jay's latest artsy/crafty projects.

10.20.06 - Added the Stitch n Bitch schedule. Because I can.

05.25.06 - Finally figured out the cascading style sheets and Greymatter on Blatherings so it's... uhm... less ugly. I also updated the Site Map with more details so you don't get lost. Oh - and I started bringing some of the less adventurous Adventures that were hiding into view on Adventures. Sortof. Yeah. TGIF.

05.12.06 - Updated Indy's page with some news and photo, did some random inserts on the About Us page, and added more Cara's bookmarks for those lonely afternoons when you're avoiding doing something really really important to give you things to do when you're procrastinating. We at PMD are all about our peeps.

03.07.06 - Changed Cara's Art Stuff to the PMD Gallery of Art Things with updated work and the plan (ha ha) to add Jay's etching and charcoal, and Cara's charcoal and pottery.

01.31.06 - The Cara's ARt Stuff page becomes a real live page. Note the obsession with pears.

01.16.06 - Added the Crohn's page. Because I can, biatches!

01.02.06 - Indy The Cockatiel has it's own page now 'cause I was rambling so much in the Blatherings about the darned thing.

11.21.05 - Co-op Wine, Spirits & Beer Fest - Yes, our heads were pounding the next morning. Evil tasty fluids...

11.05 - Blatherings - the smaller points that aren't big enough to fit as their own title in Adventures

10.31.05 - Halloween Haunted Gingerbread. Another fine example of concept to completion. Oh yeah.

10.31.05 - Easter Massacre of 2005. Concept to completion.

03.21.04 - since I'm sitting here waiting for the invasion in my face to end, I updated the Vancouver page so it isn't as weeny. Oh, it still is little, but it's at least got *something* on it now.

03.20.04 - it's been a busy week, so I added a few pages to show our recent adventures. Check out Sunfire vs. Chevy, Bodysnatchers, and Viva La Revolution for shits and giggles.

02.06.04 - installed Greymatter for Blatherings. I'm still reading the manual and taking advantage of its power, but it's live even if it's not really ready.

01.27.04 - updated adventures by adding The Drives. Fun for the whole family.

08.27.03 - day off from work due to tooth pain. Stoned on Codeine. In fuzzy realization, notice that this site hasn't actually been on the web since it was made from scraps. WebPage published to the world.

03.15.03 - Made it. From scraps of previous PMD sites.

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