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Sunfire vs. Chevy

It was a clear and pretty night as opposed to a dark and stormy night. We were heading back downtown on Expo blvd after dropping a friend off on 19th & Main when some freak decided to run a red light into the driver side of our car. I guess you can't really call it "running" a red since he had first stopped, then hit the gas pedal to go through it. Maybe he was suicidal or just being psychotically moronic - regardless, he was more than apologetic after the fact which helped. A bit.

Jason would like it mentioned that "They had to use the jaws of life to free my battered body from the mangled wreckage".

side view of sunfire

He has such a flair for the dramatic - although they DID in fact have to pop the door open with the jaws of life to get Jay out of the car, into a neck and back brace, into the ambulance and off to the hospital. He then had four women take off his clothes while he laid helpless on a stretcher. I'm such a bad person because I couldn't stop giggling while he blushed and protested.

The end result so far is that Jay has a mild concussion, his back is inflamed (he had back surgery in 2000 so this sucks), he has sciatica down his right leg and is walking with a cane, and his left shoulder is either hairline fractured or the bone is badly bruised from the impact. Cara has ligament damage in her shoulders and lower back, her left ilium (ass bone) is out of alignment, and her immune system has gone wacko. Lori is back in Calgary, and as of a few days ago when we last talked to her, sore as hell but no longer vomiting on everyone.

back view of sunfireJason and Cara are cooped up together for two weeks while they heal. We're starting a "survival" pool...

Oh, and ICBC wanted to FIX this car even though it had over $10,000 worth of damage to it (including a bent frame) They have finally declared it a total loss. Now I see why no one in this province trusts them... we suspect their original attempt to fix it had something to do with the extended insurance we bought that entitles us to a new car if our current one is a total loss. $10,000 vs $16,000 - yeah, I can see why they wanted to spend the lesser amount!

frnot view of door

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