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Just because you look so damned lost:

New - the list of things new at PMD. (what did you THINK it would be???)

About Us - Everyone else has an "about us" section, and since we haven't had an original thought since 1988, we have one too.

  • Hidden Track: The ART page - she loves evil fruit.
  • Hidden Track: Indy the Cockatiel's page - yes, the cockatiel has its own page. Shut up.
  • Weather lady for Vancouver, Calgary and Regina. Compare the temp in the cities we've called home! It's thrilling!
  • Hidden Track: Wishlists because we want you to buy us swag.

Adventures - the more Significant Events and rantings of the previously-sane.

  • included are WineFest at Co-op, Hallowe'en Gingerbread, Easter Snowmen Massacre, Driving with Bertoldi, Sunfire vs. Chevy, Body Snatchers (my face! my beautiful face!), various outings.

Blatherings - tidbits of gossip, links, and general low class blog stuff that doesn't fit in Adventures. Also bears little resemblence to proper English.

Vancouver Stuff - we were there for 5 years so here's some basic fun stuff to do and links you might want to look at.

Crohn's - yes, my small intestine has its own page. Double shut up.

The Crazy Map - it's just too mornic to really ever waste your time with a visit.Also a list of links we visit because we don't spend enough time watching television, reading books, or having intelligent conversations amongst ourselves.

  • The Approximate Area of Failure and Insanity - It's also out of date becuase all the freaks we know keep MOVING (yeah, we pot, them kettle, all of us black).
  • Jason vs. Bert - who's crazier? - that they even created this list illustrates their level of sanity.
  • Link to keep you occupied when you really should be doing something earth-shatteringly important.



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