Hello. Here's some artwork to look at. Measurements on 2 dimensional pieces are currently complete guesses because I'm too lazy to actually get up and look at the back of the canvas I have lying around. Apathy can be a way of life if you try really hard - ironic probably.

Cara's pottery and Jay's etching & charcoal aren't here yet. Just imagine something nifty for now.

Oh yes - C loves WetCanvas for information, inspiration, and great people.

These are "Bert's Cars" done in 2004 sometime while I lived in the nook in his living room, PLUS the Evil Pear series (as Jason calls them)

Bert's Red Volvo #2 2004
Acrylic on stretched canvas
18" x 14" approx

Bert's White Volvo #1 2004
Acrylic on canvas paper
14" x 18" approx


Evil Red Pear #2
Acrylic on stretched canvas
12 x 16

Evil Red Pear #1
Acrylic on stretched canvas
28 x 34

Pair Pears
Acrylic on canvas board
12 x 16 approx

WIP (Feb/March 2006 - as part of an online glazing course from (of course) Wetcanvas.com.

Feb 15, 2006

March 4, 2006

Weekend Drawing Event doodads - this is where ya have 1/2 hour to choose a specific photo from those offered by the host, choose your materials, work for 2 hours and post your work. It's a less-stress way to stretch some creative muscles - I would NEVER have been painting roses or glass guitars, that's for sure:

01-27-2006 - first attempt at rose. Acrylic on canvas board 8"x 12" approx

after 2 hours

later that night

02-17-2006 WDE - Acrylic on canvas paper.

This is at about 4 hours - lost complete track of time because I was swearing so loudly. This hasn't been touched yet, but I also haven't set it on fire.

03-03-2006 WDE - Acrylic on canvas board (14" x 18")

Sunday - At 45 minutes:


Monday - At approx 2 hours. Most of first layer laid with much mod to reds and oranges (oops!). Green will be added next:

Tuesday - starting to work on color mods and darks/lights in the future:
At approx 4 hours:


March 18 - did some color mods, working on darks/lights. Next is purple pepper so that it is either behind or in front of green pepper - it currently looks like it's BOTH:
At approx ?6-8 hours:

March 22 - I've begun to really dislike green peppers. I've bought only red, yellow and orange since this painting began. Strange, that.
At approx ?9-11 hours:

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