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Every other Sunday (with occasional modifications because, well, it's OURS, and we can do what we want), we get together at one location to do "crafts", such as crochet, knit, needlework, paper crafts, baking, gift wrapping, hemming, wine tasting, making up an errand list, purse cleaning or whatever the hell we want. Hosts vary by each date since Calgary is so freaking huge that sometimes it's nice when an event is just down the road in your quadrant instead of across the city.

Schedule Thus Far (Updated: Oct 21):

Nov 5 - Cara in the SE
Nov 12 - Yvette in the SW GP: Winemaking 101
Nov 26 - Trish in the SE GP: Hot Tub Wine Tasting
Dec 10 - Stephanie in the NW GP: Xmas Cookie Xtravaganza
Dec 17 -
Christmas/New Year Break Jan 7 -
Jan 21 -

Supply Lists for GP (Group Projects)

Note that if a group project is going on, you don't have to take part in it. You can do your own craft thing while the group projects are going on!

Wine Making

  • 8 week Wine Kit
  • Bucket with lid
  • carboy if you have one
  • for bottling will eventually need bottles & corks

Hot Tub Wine Tasting

  • Bathing Suit (or not)
  • Booze (and probably a designated driver)

Xmas Cookie Xtravaganza

  • cookies to exchange with others
  • OR cookies to decorate
  • OR cookie batter to bake
  • OR cookie components to make then bake

List of Possible Future Group Projects as mentioned
in speculative passing during previous SnB's

  • Sushi making (Irene)
  • Jelly / Jam (everyone that knows how)
  • Pottery studio (Cara - if she can find a studio that'll let us take it over. :) )
  • Biscotti Baking (Charli)


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