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The Grape Escape 2005
OR "When the wine is in, the wit is out. - Proverb"

Friday night from 5 to 9 pm was the grand Wine, Beer & Spirits Festival hosted by the local Coop Liquor Stores.And a festival it sure was - at least I think that's what that was. It's all kinda blurry. At one point I discovered that I'm not really a wine drinker but by then I was a tad corked so we toured the food booths for 1/2 hour trying to gain some semblance of sobriety. By "WE" I mean primarily Samantha, new to the city. Jason was off with his brothers trying so desperately to find a red wine that he LIKED. His was a noble goal that was completely undone on Saturday when he sipped and quite liked the Ernest & Gallo merlot that had been on the top of our fridge for over a week.

But I digress. This was Jay & my first event of this sort, and we'll both do it again. I tasted spirits that were 20 and 50 years old, and I'm either not a liqueur or scotch afficiando, or they're now bottling compost runoff with ether. Yech. So, after really being a bit lost with the red wines and spirits, and being a bit shy of wine altogether, I skipped the whites and moved right on to the beers and girly drinks.

I can barely read the notes on these, so they were obviously all quite good. I did come home with a Brahma beer CD full of Brazilian music. Sweet swag.

My whole point in this chapter was to list our favorites from the 120 booths. Keep in mind that towards the end, it got a bit sloppy and I can only make out my notes if I squint. Jason's notes are with the brothers.

- Wildrose Brewery, especially BROWN which is finally a BREAKFAST BEER!, but Wraspberry was a close second. I don't normally like fruit beers, but their's is groovy.
- Brahma. The bottle's even sexy.
- Nivan. It's golden and vanilla and made by the ppl that make Grand Marnier. Yeeessss.

Disgusting spew of a three legged vomiting dog:
- The scotches. Why would anyone hang on to something that tastes THAT BAD for 25 years???

Faves: He can't remember (the brothers had his book), but surprisingly liked Ernest & Julio Merlot.

Disgusting spew of a three legged vomiting dog: Most anything that was in a wine bottle.

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