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The Crazy Map

It's more of a Failure thing. There are these gods, and if you were drunk it would make more sense. The map below isn't as accurate now as it once was - the maritimes are breathing a sigh of relief.

I'm working on the math, but the crazy people I know, in relation to the Canada-US border, have a larger area of insanity than, say, the entire area of Norway.

Point 1 - Bertoldi, J&A, and Jay's dad's family. It's a miracle they haven't fallen into the ocean yet.
Point 2 - Us and Jason's maternal family. And Lori. And D'Errek. Definitely points for D'Errek.
Point 3 & 4 - d'Errek residue since he tainted Edmonton before coming south (note he is oint #2 on Bert's "Why he's so darned crazy" list) & Denton, King of Labville & although he's gone much farther south; Nosaj and his innocent wife who's been pulled into this psychosis against her will.
Point 5 -My brother, his wife and their new spawn, Cadence. They are loovely.
Point 6 -Abe, Bernie, Noah, Tara, Pat, Tracy, Lee, Dawn, Casey, Chad, Deono and many other wonderful (albeit crazy) people we know and love. The plague-speading place where we all originated and still home to our numerous aunts, uncles and my grandmother. The people who spawned me live just south.
Point 7 & 8- Shared mutually and peacefully by R'Etta and Ben. And also includes the poor innocent people that they've dragged into our nightmare.
Point 9 - Nosaj used to be here and it's got residual traces of nuttiness. It's all his fault.

We are the area of failure 

Speaking of great people, be sure to check out Dawn Alexis at Funtazm (based in Regina):

The Crazy List

The crazy list was born sometime approximately 30 seconds after Bert was born. The cries of "No, YOU'RE crazy" have come to echo throughout our lives. Here, popular as it is, is the official "Who's Crazier" checklist:

The Irishman
The Italian
  1. He's a gun toting loony wannabe
  2. The "let's breed babies under the stairs and sell them in China" get-rich plan
  3. He believes that everyone loves him. He's most likely wrong.
  4. Married to Cara. Voluntarily.
  5. Married to Cara. Mostly Voluntarily.
  6. The toe ring that won't come off.
  1. He's Italian
  2. He's friends with Derrek. Voluntarily.
  3. He practices law. Also voluntarily.
  4. Poster-boy for "Obsessive Compulsive"
  5. Ketchup Chips. No explanation available.
  6. The mid-air gymnastics while sleeping.

Cara's bookmarks for those lonely afternoons when you're avoiding doing something really really important. I'm here to serve:

  • Uber
  • Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About - so funny, brings tears to my eyes...
  • Catholic School Girl Dressup - naughty. fun.
  • Orisinal Calming Games to Lose your Mind in.
  • Outpost 9 - I am a Japanese School Teacher - real stories from an African American in Japan. Funny sh*t.
  • Deviant Art - it's not just for breakfast anymore.
  • Speaking of artists, be sure to check out the photography of Noah Grey & Brian Uhreen.
  • PartiallyClips - webcomic. If you like RedMeat, you'll like these. Yes, really.
  • I'm still stalking R:taG - a Saskatchewanian in California, his fantabulous wife Amy. Viva les gamers! I'm also reguarly checking in on The Center of the Universe and Rook because, well, I can.
  • Waste time here or here playing weird flash games.
  • Because I'm a loser at this "linguistic" intelligence test, I found something that's more "me" spatially. Damn you all that have verbal ability and linguistic pattern recognition. I, of the non-linguistic pattern recognition and spatial intelligence people, shall rise up and make you all do jigsaw puzzles until your eyes burn! Yes yes yes!
  • Order of the stick comics are just funny for lotsa geeky reasons. Sluggy is better for the obvious killer-bunny trumps stick-knights rule of thumb.
  • ThinkGeek has THEEE coolest gadgets. EVER.
  • Really funny t-shirts for sale at TSHIRT Hell that are probably offensive to lots of people. Which almost makes them that much funnier.
  • Wetcanvas, as already mentioned elsewhere on these pages, is a world of light for me. Yay art!
  • I pinch. Check out the crab commercial in the lower left corner. No pinch, no pinch.
  • Zeldman has been around the internet forever and he knows everyone cool. In fact, so have Powazek and Kottke.
  • Speaking of Powazek, keep your mind occupied with short stories at Fray.
  • It's new on my list but so far LifeHacker looks to be not only handsome, but handy!
  • Grey hats and nerdy hats are good hats - the "box network" now has lots of components but my favorite is still New Order.
  • I love mother earth. And I love this FAQ list of better ways to live to give her your support.


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