Woo hoo it's a monkey head

My Sexy Family at the ClockYeah, yeah... we're the wimps of the country, the warm-blooded, weather-spoiled, tree hugging hippies - but it's still a warmer place than where you are, and the flower capital of Canada in December. We've moved to Calgary, but part of my heart is riding the Aquabus every day across False Creek...

Here's where you should go when you drag your freezing butt here:

The Georgia Straight - Check out the local goings-on with this local, shiny, and always price-less weekly newspaper.

Granville Island - my personal valhalla

Stanley Park Walks

Grouse Mountain - we do the gondola, not the grind.

Vancouver Aquarium - I sit and watch the belugas for hours and hours.

Other regional websites of interest:

Orca Live - an amazing group of scientists have wired the Inside Passage to listen to and see orca pods as they do their thing. Majestic.



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