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The Adventures

Dodgeball! - December 2006. J plays in a LEAGUE of DODGEBALLERS. I can't make this shit up.

The Many-Haired Faces of J - December 2006. J reveals the lower part of his face for the first time in 7+ years. Amazing! Fantastic! Shocking!

The Carters Invade Greece - July 2006. 4 Carters (the younger two without spouses) in Athens, Greece with cameras, a journal, good shoes, and a quest for new sights and new civilizations. (under construction Aug 10/06)

The C-Train Pub Crawl - 8 adults. One c-train. A pirate. Innumerable bars along the way. Bear-spray. The Oilers win and are on their way to the Stanley Cup final. An overall exciting night.

May Long Weekend x 2 - May Long 2005 & 2006

The 2005 Co-op Grape Escape- $25 and all the booze you can sample in four hours.

The Great Halloween Gingerbread Holocaust (GHGH) 2005 - we can't get the icing remnants cleaned out of the apartment's crevices. We have MAD GINGERBREAD SKILLZ, yo yo!

The Great Easter Massacre of 2005 - Calvin & Hobbes can eat their heart out.

"The Drives" - I'm at my weakest at 10am on Saturday morning. This is the result.

Sunfire vs. Chevy - we had a bit of a car accident on Sunday March 14. With Lori visiting from Calgary, I guess something decided to give us all the full tour of Vancouver's emergency services.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Cara's face in it's progressing glory (Mon March 15 through Sun March 21)

Viva La Revolution March 2004 - we thought we heard something interesting outside of our building. We were correct.


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