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About The People Behind This Site

We lived in Vancouver. We rarely left our apartment. When we did, the authorities are called...

We now live in Calgary as of late 2004. It's flatter here, sunnier, warmer in the summer and colder in the winter. There are chinooks and it's cheaper to do stuff. There was weirder shite on the coast and better sushi, but we're adapting.

Check out our Flickr site for somewhat recent photos of what we've been up to.

J (aka The Pie God) - he completed the "Computer Systems Service Technician" & "Computer Systems Professional" courses at BCIT before we moved back to the prairies. Geeks are supersexy.

C (aka GypsyHick) - we don't know what she does. But it has to do with automated teller machines, network traffic, interac confusion, and fighting the urge to maime those who abuse acronyms. In her spare time, she covers the apartment in paint. She also likes STUFF

Bert - uhmmm... he's a lawyer. He's "kinda" nutty. He's thinking of assuming Jason's identity for the sole purpose of stealing his good karma. He's still in Vancouver staring at the freaks from the balcony. His gf is so wtf fantastic!

Mojo (aka "doesn't he look just like John Travolta?") - our niece does not have a stuffed monkey because the "men" around here wouldn't let him unlatch from the bannister. I can't find him. I assume he hopped a train for Vegas and forgot to leave a note for us.

Indy - Cockatiel Supremo, a winter 2005 addition to our crazy nest. He sings, he dances...


3 of the 5 of the above are from Saskatchewan. Some fantastic views of Saskatchewan ("The Land of the Living Skies" (as in moving, not as in zombie)) are on Flikr in a group called, funny thing, Saskatchewan.

We left Regina:

for Vancouver:

and finally to Calgary:

Most days, we won.



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