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The Wishlists

We're living in a material world, and I am a material Girl. Jay is a material MAN (leaning towards metrosexual man these days. Tres chic). And with that, here's the swag we want:

(ok - so this is just new, and I haven't actually really looked around to make a list. And our last year's Xmas lists are lost forever in the ether. So just send money.)


  • Bird Messenger Bag by Sugarlust
  • Ant Works Space Age Ant Habitat at ThinkGeek
  • Speaking of ThinkGeek, anything from this or this would be just lovely. ((drool))
  • Sakura Pigma Brush Pens (red, black) and/or any good felt tip marker pen in browns, reds, blacks.
  • Canvas. The Buzz ones at Opus are fantastic - very velvety back of the canvas for whatever reason. In fact, Opus in itself is just a fantastic place!
  • bead jewellry in different colors
  • Yoga accessories since I'm joining the yoga brigade.
  • Your never-ending worship and love. :)

big daddy Jay


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