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C-Train Pub Crawl May 2006

I wish that I could take any credit for this one, but it wasn't me at all. I was invited by a friend of the originator (Matty of Dodgy Curry fame). The idea was to hit a pub on every C-train stop, starting at noon on a Saturday. Successful? Well, definitely alcoholic and a good time. Note - The photos will be up, but they're on the OTHER computer. Yes, those photos that annoyed the hell out of D'Errek all night. Ha!

I tried to document events as they happened in the notebook:

  • CTrain Pub Crawl. Cheap so far $5.60 for a full day pass. Sweet.
  • Everyone else started at Dalhousie Earl's at noon May 27. I'm so dumb that I didn't see them when I showed up, and Jay and I drove all over the place trying to find the pub crawlites. We went all the way to Sunnyside before we found a waitress that could confirm if a group of rowdy drunks had passed through or, in this case, not. Long story short (too late!), we caught up with them at stop TWO.
  • Having spent almost two hours at the first stop (but food was had), Kilkenny's was stop #2 Brentwood at 14:30. After a drink, Jay took off but will return to meet us in a couple of stops (I think he thought this would suck so brought the car to make a quick getaway. Once we proved to be fun, he went to park the car and c-train back to meet us. Ha! We are a fun time! Woot Woot!)
  • The Sports Alcove is #3 at Banff Trail, after skipping the really lame-o University Stop. You can fall out of the train at BTrail and fall into the Alcove. Which it is. Alcove-y, I mean. It's kinda... dodgy? But the waitress was nice and pointed us towards the $2 shots to make up time. Oh, and Chelsea got id'd which is really really funny. After a black sambuca each, we were out to catch the next train within 15 minutes.
  • Lions Park - Ahem. Righto. Tipperary's is the pub o' choice for the Lion's Park stop. I originally thought we'd skipped this stop, but now that I read the scrawl, my notes say something about Chelsea cheering Jay on because he's a pirate. Pirate arrrrrrr!s and other such slang begins to become pretty common at this point. Oh - which means that Jay did rejoin us at Tipperary's. The train platform was kinda exciting - SAFETY FIRST!!! And a Flames fan called us traitors for our plan to cheer for the Oilers later. As a note, the Flames (nor Canucks) are in the playoffs anymore, so the Oilers are the least of all evils.
  • Ah, SAIT. Stop #5, and after walking the longest route from platform to bar as possible, we found the bar closed for the summer semester. Nosaj at this point *may* have indicated with surprise that SAIT appears to have a basketball team and, like, classrooms. Chelsea pointed out that this ain't no monkey school. I think they're all crazy. Monkeys are too smart and don't need such formal education! Oh, and this is where Billy kept trying to hit the HELP button but was restrained. Note for next time: bring cuffs.
  • Sunnyside! #6 is F.A.T.S. (Fourth Ave Tenth Street - I love a good acronym). We managed to spend $81 in 4 minutes with a round of Chocolate Jays. It's good - tequila shot followed by a chocolate (creme de cacao or choc syrup). Noting the Alcove's cheaper prices, we might want to do this round at the Alcove. Oh dear - here my notes start to get a quite sloppy. Ryan stopped at the liquor outles to pick up a mickey of Sourpuss (because we obviously haven't had enough alcohol. We're still standing.)
  • Back on the train and into the downtown core. I have no idea where we stopped - we walked quite a bit downtown due to the 15 min wait between trains. Or maybe we forgot about the "c-train" part of the c-train pub crawl. I *do* know that we started to head into Moxies before Chelsea, with agreement from others, vetoed it as being too classy for our current state. She's probably extremely right since we're weaving as we walk, reek of booze, and we're getting quite... uhm... "boisterous".
  • Ryan called Ceili's for a reservation. Yes, we're the type to call for a reservation 30 seconds before we enter an establishment. Jay had doubles to catch up, and I have absolutely no other notes on this stop, but I do have several photos of the Ceili's sign toting themselves as the "destination for Temporary Oilers Fans". True 'nuff.
  • HOCKEY BREAK! Matt hooked us up with the actual Oiler's bar, Thistles. It looked like what Jay would do to our house (if we had one) - turn the top floor into a bar! The 15 year old bartender kept the bottled beer coming (the "taps" were for display only) and their nachos were lovely. So, there we were, packed in with our new Oiler friends and... here's the actual barely-legible notes taken:
    - NHL game. Derrek's a pansy. Chelsea via phone says "I'll show my tits". Now Derrek shows up. Good one Chel! Games starts Oilers vs. Anaheim 19:30. 1st period E 0 A 1.
    - 19:53 - Rumour has it that Chel "isn't feeling well"
    19:55 - Chelsea states for the record "cancel that. I'm fine bitches." (there's a dirty picture doodled here. Oh dear...)
    - Since Lori didn't show, D'Errek shares a story about her being id'd. Last week.
    - I have a doodle here of D'Errek and a note that he convocates from the U of A in 10 days. Congrats! We probably drank more to celebrate. It's a safe bet.
    - Period 2 Edmonton is not performing 2 standards. Ooops I lie, they just scored @ 16:15 2nd period. The Angry Pirate is now just moderately irate. Chelsea says "Pirate is good! We don't care how he feels!" No, I don't know what the hell she nor I was talking about
    - E2 A1 8:31 Raffi scored! I thought he was still singing to children!
    Cara H20 break. (now in Jay's handwriting:) NANCY! Possible 2 waters for Nosaj. Everyone by Jay, Matty, Billy, Ryan, Chels have switched to watch. And D'Errek but he showed up late so he doesn't count.
    - We r getting tired. Howorko swtiched to booze after 2nd period. Matt suggests "Send him to the boneyard! ARRRRRH!".
    - (etched deeply in Nosaj's writing, and signed:) JASON H IS AWESOME + A STUD.
    - (now in Billy's writing, and signed) Billy is Studierer. Billy now ends Cara's dominance of the media - yes - yes pronorles the masses, mostly D'Errek. Now bleeding for the cause due to Cara's (now knowing the rebels) attacks. The Rebels continue their attacks, mostly on D'Errek during the 3rd period intermission. I do remember tearing the book back from Billy at this point. I shall dominate the media!
    - (a couple of quotes:) "I will die for what I believe" - D'Errek. "I will kill D'Errek for no reason other than that he is D'Errek." - Cara. Such violence! Hockey on the television brings out my passion, I guess...
    - Chelsea has her pic taken with pirate. All is good I don't have a photo, so maybe it's on Nosaj's camera
    - Nosaj's 2nd anniversary was last week. Wheeee! His lovely wife is currently finishing a paper. Sad she's not with us. I miss her!!!! (and more exclamation marks)
    - (wow. barely able to read this now) 3rd period. Still @ Thistles. Still very drunk all of us: D'Errek, Chelsea, Ryan, Jay, Billy, Greg, Nosaj, Cara.
    - Oilers win!
  • I don't know when we left Thistles, but we had sucked back enough beer to help that 15 year old bartender get through college. Next stop - Palomino! There are peanuts, we eat and throw them on the floor which was kinda novel to me, but I'd just been to a place earlier in the day that did the same thing. Coincidence? Never!
  • We didn't stop at the Regis but we probably should have. Billy is trying to mount the electronic images on the station platform wall. Hilarity ensues.
  • Leaving downtown and we miss all the stops until the one near the Trap & Gill which is probably 39th Ave station. This is where things got very surreal. After we went up and saw the lineup, we decided to get back on the train and try for Limericks. As we get down to the station, there appears to be some sort of commotion between two groups. The one group takes off up the hill, and the other is composed of three guys in their early 20's, one with his eyes clasped shut screaming "bear spray! bear spray!". Now, not that I've ever been hit by bear spray, but we all figured we'd smell that peppery stank if whatever this guy had encountered was really bear spray. Matt, a good citizen, called 911 to get some EMTs because who knows what was in this guy's eyes and he and Jay pointed them towards 7-11 to get his eyes rinsed ASAP. Once they were on their way, we find ourselves on the same train as the OTHER half of the "commotion". He's screaming something about never paying taxes. We keep surprisingly under control and ho-hum until the next stop.
  • Southland Crossing. How the heck did we get here??? Anywho, we head to Jack Astor's and Chelsea suddenly has a guy following her around the bar. Of which we are the only other people present. Ryan vamooses due to a critical brunch in the morning. Understandable. Y'all know how important I find brunch to be. Billy orders fries, and we all lust after him. Or after his fries. My notes are unclear on this point.
  • We walk just a bit north from Jack Astor's (they were closing) and Ranchman's was the new destination. Jay & I are touring the inside of the bar when we get a call on the cellular from the rest of the group that's outside in a lineup. Jay & I often wander into places that we shouldn't be. It happened at Stampede too, but that's another story. So, with that, we head outside, and the group splits into 2 cabs and headed back north to home.
  • For future, I think we should start south and end north just because the cab fare was pretty scary and most of us are northerners. And overall, a fantastic time was had by all. And I had a bit of a headache when I woke up in the morning. :)


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